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Rupen Vasant Vikamsey

Managing Director, OEPL

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As a group, we believe in the power of exhibitions and conferences to offer unique business opportunities for stakeholders in the region. We seek to deliver impressionable shows that act as a catalyst for new and growing businesses, which in turn would contribute to the growth and prosperity of the economy at large.

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Our Aim

Facilitating Networking and Collaboration: The company aims to provide a platform where industry professionals can connect, share knowledge, and forge valuable partnerships. By organizing industry-specific exhibitions in India, the company strives to create opportunities for networking, fostering collaboration, and promoting business growth.

Our Mission

Showcasing Industry Advancements: The company is committed to showcasing the latest advancements, technologies, and trends within the specific industry through its exhibitions. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the industry landscape, featuring cutting-edge products, services, and solutions. By doing so, the company strives to facilitate knowledge sharing, inspire innovation, and drive the adoption of emerging practices within the industry.

Our Vision

Pioneering Industry Excellence: The company envisions being at the forefront of organizing industry-specific exhibitions in India, setting new standards of excellence. It aims to be recognized as a trusted and innovative leader, delivering exceptional events that showcase the best of the industry and drive its overall growth.
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Orbit Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, 103, Navyug Industrial Estate, Tokershi Jivraj Rd, Sewri, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400015, India

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Chintan Chheda
(Division Head)

Varsha Surve

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